About Woodstoke

Woodstoke is a private party held annually, for invited guests, to raise funds for Cancer Research.  The idea is very simple: we erect marquees, book some bands, lay on a bar and some food and invite some people to come - hopefully everyone gets to hear some good live music - drink some good ales and wines, and raise money for charity.

Woodstoke began in 2007, and since then, we've raised over £33,000 for Cancer Research - plus more to come from the 2018 festival.


Come to Woodstoke, have a great time, raise money for Cancer Research - get home safely.

  • Woodstoke is an invitation only event.

  • There is no entry fee to Woodstoke if you have an invitation. 

  • All guests will be invited to buy a souvenir glass on arrival. This is one of the main ways that we raise money.

  •  If you are with a group of friends, consider buying your glasses before you buy your first round of drinks!

  • Free camping is available for a limited number.  Email us and let us know if you wish to camp overnight.

  • Please do not bring your own alcohol to Woodstoke - we want to raise as much money as possible for the Charity.

  • When leaving the event or if camping, please show consideration to our neighbours and keep noise to a minimum.

  • Please do not put the future of Woodstoke at risk by: lighting open fires; setting off fireworks; setting off Chinese lanterns; playing music overnight in the camping area; generally being a pain in the ****!!!!

  • Okay that's the end of the formal stuff except most importantly: