WOODSTOKE 2016 - Sat 16th July          TENTH ANNIVERSARY




                   Woodstoke 16th July 2016

                                                           TA3 5BY

                                 Guests welcome from 7.30pm 

We are really pleased that so many of you have come along in the last few years to support Woodstoke and help to raise money for Cancer Research.  Unfortunately we now find that we have to limit the number of guests that attend and so this year are issuing wristbands by way of invitation to Woodstoke.

You will need a wristband in order to attend the event and you can obtain one by either:

  • Emailing us at this website and we will forward details of how to obtain one.
  • Asking around - you may find someone with a spare!
  • This year's line-up is shown below but before you scroll down here is some info about Woodstoke.
  • Woodstoke is an invitation only event.
  • There is no entry fee to Woodstoke if you have an invitation. 
  • All guests will be invited to buy a souvenir glass on arrival. This is one of the main ways that we raise money for the charity.  If you are with a group of friends you may wish to consider buying your glasses before you buy your first round of drinks.
  • Free camping is available for a limited number.  Please let us know if you wish to camp overnight by sending an email to this site.
  • Please do not bring your own alcohol to Woodstoke - it's all about raising as much money as possible for the Charity.
  • When leaving the event or whilst camping overnight please show consideration to our neighbours by keeping noise to a minimum.
  • Please do not put the future of Woodstoke at risk by: Lighting open fires - Setting off fireworks - Setting off Chinese lanterns - Playing music overnight in the camping area - Generally being a pain in the ****!!!!
  • Okay that's the end of the formal stuff except most importantly: Come to Woodstoke - have a great time- raise some money for Cancer Research - get home safely  

                        2016 LINE-UP 




         BIG HANDS